Terms and Conditions

* We will be pleased to start the project promptly after we receive your acceptance of our proposal, the requested information and applicable advance professional fees.

Website Development Project

  • During the project briefing, it is client’s responsibility to provide us with clear guidelines along with the flow or specific details you may require. When such details are not provided, we will proceed with our understanding of your requirements and quote accordingly. At a later stage, if a discrepancy arises, it may lead to additional costs to accommodate the changes. Thus, it is essential that you clarify every aspect of your website development and ensure that you have been quoted on the right requirements.
  • Once proposal has been finalized, any additions, changes or enhancements in the functionality or design of the project will affect the proposal and may incur additional cost and a revised delivery date. All additional work, over and above the estimates is charged separately. Under no circumstances will WHD be liable for any delays caused by change in the project brief.
  • Any complexity related to specific deliverable, must be advised in advance and included in the proposal for costing purposes. We operate in good faith and rely on our clients to disclose the full picture of their expectations. Any discrepancy arising due to unclear requirements or expectations will not be borne by WHD.
  • Website content and all related materials need to be provided to us
  • Every additional page apart from the ones mentioned in the Package will have extra charges.

Hosting Service

  • First year for the Hosting Service is included in the package itself.
  • Hosting is an annual charge which must be paid in advance for the whole year.
  • It is the client’s responsibility to renew the hosting in time ie. before the expiry date. Failure to renew in time can lead to loss of files, data, emails, backups etc. All unpaid hosting’s are disabled or deleted from the server.
  • All renewals must be paid by seven working days prior to the expiry date. WHD will not be responsible for issues relating to delayed payment.


  • All domain registrations and renewals are to be paid in advance.
  • Expiration of  a domain can result in service disruption and loss of domain.
  • WHD will not be responsible if a domain expires due to non-payment / late payment of the charges. All payments must be made by seven working days before the expiry date.
  • It is client’s responsibility to renew their domain names with us.

Chatbot Development

  • Basic Plan – No chatbot included in this plan. Can be included additionally on request from client.
  • Premium Plan – Chatbot in this plan is free for 500 conversations. After 500 conversations, the charges would be $0.03 per conversation.
  • Enterprise Plan – Chatbot in this plan is free for 2 weeks. Thereafter, the charges would be $30 per month. This includes 1 chatbot and 1 Live Agent(admin) with the Dashboard feature, where the admin can always view the entire conversation History and also chat with customers in real time if required. Additionally there would be a Dashboard for mobile as well(Mobile App). There would be a chat App for users, with the chatbot integrated.
  • Additional advanced features(if required) like audio calling, Video calling, Screen sharing, Co-browsing, Auto Translate etc would be available at a package cost of $250 per month, with the option of adding upto 5 team members. 
  • The overall Costing of the Chatbot would also depend on the following factors : The complexity, No of Platforms to be Integrated(Web, Mobile, Social media etc), Type of Chatbot(Support, Sales, E-commerce etc). 
  • Integration of third party APIs with the Chatbot would be charged additionally.
  • E-commerce Chatbots will cost an additional $40 (yearly). 

Features of Chatbots (Premium Plan)

  • Chatbots in this plan would come with a Basic Dashboard where you can view and download the Details(like Name, Email, Phone no etc) of Users who have interacted with the Chatbot. 
  • This would ask the basic details from the user and save the details into Database, basically a Lead Generation Chatbot.
  • Rich message types like buttons, cards, carousels, videos, links are supported in this Chatbot.
  • It can answer the Basic FAQs which would be provided by the Client. A maximum of 20 FAQs is included in this plan. Any additional Questions which need to be added will be charged accordingly.
  • A Basic communication flow can be setup as per client requirements.
  • Once the Chat flow is discussed and finalised, any further additions or changes will be made at additional charges.

Features of Chatbots (Enterprise Plan)

  • Chatbots in this plan come with a more advanced Dashboard with better features. 
  • This would be a Customer Support cum Lead Generation Chatbot.
  • A human can intervene and chat with the user directly from the dashboard.
  • You can send Email with the Chat transcripts to the User.
  • All rich messages mentioned in premium plan are supported and additionally you can send messages with Google Map Locations, request user location, attachments, html responses etc.
  • Getting user feedback(CSAT ratings) at the end of the Chat.
  • This plan includes 1 bot and 1 human agent by default. Any additional Team member or Bot if required will cost an additional $50 per user/bot(monthly).
  • Browser notifications for new incoming messages.
  • Mobile App Dashboard for easier access to messages.
  • If the user is offline when you send a message, they would receive the message directly to their email.